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Wellness Pendant

Wear It

Some people alternate between wearing it on their chest or hanging it behind their back.
Wear it for a couple days and then try not wearing it and see it you can notice the difference.

Energize Water & Food

Put it under a glass of food and/or a plate of food and it will energize.

Fixing Anxiety

Hold the Wellness Pendant in your hand with your eyes shut.  Ask for the highest positive force
in the Universe to be present with you (like God or Love or Spirit) and count to 30,
letting love in and fear out.


Every so often its good to clear the pendant.  You can do a quick clearing by running it
under cold water for 3 minutes or leaving it in the sun for a few hours.

How does it work?

Each pendant is infused with frequencies that are held within the molecules of the metal and the
crystals which cause it to attract life energy.  When you wear it, it supports and amplifies
the life energy in your body.  We can't explain more than that, except that it really works.

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