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Visionary Jewelry

Welcome to our Visionary Jewelry Gallery featuring designs that express our
oneness with the Divine.  Please browse below or visit our Store Directory
for our complete selection of gifts
of the heart and spirit...

New Arrivals
See our newest
visionary pendants
and earrings!
Jewelry I
Visionary pendants and lockets, with some that hold prayers and affirmations.
Jewelry II
Illuminating designs with spiritual meaning, accented with precious gemstones.
Visionary Jewelry III
Featuring the
Crescent Moon Brooch, Healing Hand Pendant & more!

Jewelry IV

A collection of Tibetan Turquoise Pendants,
Rings & Earrings.

Jewelry V

See our mystical Cosmic Dance, Runic Circle and Labyrinth Pendants.
Visionary Rings
Sacred and eternal symbols adorn these visionary rings.
Visionary Bracelets
Visionary designs including the Chakra, Asta Mangala and Maharani Bracelets.

Om Jewelry
Om is the symbol for the sound of creation which never ceases.  Out of it emerged creation...the omnipresence of God.
Chakra Jewelry
Chakras describe energy centers of the body that can be balanced to help create a life of harmony,
health and spiritual awakening.
Yin Yang Jewelry
Yin Yang is the traditional symbol representing the forces of yin (dark) and
yang (light).
Ankh Jewelry
The Egyptian Hieroglyph
"Ankh" means both "Life" and "Mirror," and is the symbol of eternal life.



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