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We'd love to hear from you!  Please write us at

We thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions
and for giving us the opportunity to serve you better.
Some have shared:

Its rare we find a company who is as warm and wonderful as yours. Order# *** was received in a super fast time from order date.  I also loved the fact you included a hand written Thank You card with the order. Now that made the order even better!!I love both fragrances since ordering only from the description given on your site.  Very nice.  I have shared your site already with a few friends and will continue to pass on the good word for your company.

Lots of happy sales to you and a great rest of the summer.

Thank you again,

A. P., Bayfield, WI


I've ordered from this site before and just wanted to say that I was very pleased with everything.  You guys are the best!  =D

I. C., Fort Myers, FL



T.M., Carlisle, PA


Just wanted to say thank you so much!   The King Arthur & Guinevere Goblets are absolutely perfect.  They will go terrific with our Medieval themed weddin.  Terri was a great help, as well, with my questions.  She really made me feel comfortable with the purchase.  I truly love the goblets and will certainly do business with you again.

Thank you so much,

K.P., Deltona, FL


I just received my most recent order of Heavenly Hearts, and I had to write to you to tell you how pleased I am, not only with the wonderful energy these stones have, but with the prompt delivery that you always provide.  I have been recommending your company to all of my friends without hesitation because I know that they will no doubt be as pleased as I am.  Thanks for your wonderful service.

B.R., Valley Stream, NY


One Happy Customer!

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Ventana. I  ordered several strands of bells and also several sun mini bells from you and I love them!! I am very pleased with your fine products, great service and low prices.
I will order from you again in the future. Nice doing business with you.  A+++++
Thank you!

T.L., Reidsville, NC


I received my package today. I LOVE everything!! It is all beautiful! Thanks so much. And thank you for the free gift-the stones.

C.P., Midway, GA


I just love your products, please continue to add more and more ideas!

M.V., Greensburg, PA


I ordered a pair of dragon earrings from you last Friday and received them in the mail yesterday.  I am extremely pleased with the speed of service, the earrings themselves, and with the courtesy shown with the hand-written card.  I've ordered from you in the past and will do so again in the future.

E.F., Lincoln, NE


Wishing you and yours a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!  Thank you for the excellent service.


D.M., Naples, FL


Thank you so much for the extra bonus perfume oil.  A local store here in town would always tell me they would order by perfume but never did (for the last 8 months or more).  I came across your website and I am very pleased.  I received my order in a couple of days.  Thank you again!

Happy Holidays

A.N. (New Customer), Normal, IL


I just wanted to send you an email and let you guys know how satisfied I am with your service.  I went through this other website called xxxx and they pissed me off royally.  My order was cancelled twice for no reason and they led me to believe that my order was in progress both times.  This really delayed my christmas gift.  When I ordered with you I knew I wouldn't get it in time but I was okay with that.  You guys got it to me the day after Xmas, which was the minimal time it was supposed to take.  I was really impressed and will definitely order from you again.  Also, the card with the stone was really a nice gesture.  Thank you so much!

ps my mother LOVED the pendant

R.S., Everett, WA


I had to write you and tell you how thrilled I was with my latest order.  I first ordered one item to see how the service was and that was such a wonderful experience.  I got my Om Asta-Mangala pendant and have worn it ever since the day it arrived.  I love it and it is such quality workmanship and solid too.  It came with a wonderful, large and sturdy bail on it so it would easily accomodate any chain I had and it did in deed fit the chain I wanted it for.  So I didn't have the additional expense of going to the jeweler to put one on for me.  I loved that. 

My recent order #014936 was a complete thrill and joy for me to receive.  First off both orders I have gotten from you came within 3 days all the way from Calif. to New England.  That is amazing and appreciated more than I can say.  Everything came individually wrapped and was in perfect condition  The quality of the workmanship and the treasures I got when I opened the box were amazing.  I love the quality and detail and workmanship in every piece I got.  The wheels even turn on the prayer wheel earrings I got.  I didn't expect that but that was an added bonus and joy. 

The 12 votive candles I ordered came individually wrapped and in perfect condition and they each have their own little piece of paper with their meaning and someone took the time to hand write in the color of the candle to coordinate with each and every votive.  I am so impressed and thrilled I cannot even hardly tell you.  It is such a wonderful thing in these times today when you have a company that is so consciencious and customer oriented.  I am absolutely impressed out of my socks!!!  Your attention to detail and the quality of the pieces I have ordered are amazing and truly a blessing.  I am the type of person who loves to have the details about things so I can remember them when I use them and be able to spread that information around to others.  I can do that with your company since you make sure that every piece comes with it's own little sheet of information about the piece.  You are the kind of company that I want to continue doing business with forever. 

Also, the first order I placed with you when I got the Asta-Mangala, not sure the order # for that, but I wanted to say that the customer service representative that called me, a woman, sorry I didn't get her name, was wonderful, polite, informative, and a delight to talk with.  I am thrilled, joyful, impressed, and in love with Ventana.  You are the kind of people that are like me and you believe in quality, and making sure your customers are happy and taken care of.  Well I am here to tell you that anyone who doesn't do business with you is insane.  I promise that as long as you are in business I will be a customer.  I couldn't be happier and more pleased with your service and products. 

Hope to get the Tranquility Fountain soon also if it comes back into stock.  Please let me know if and when it does.  I am so looking forward to buying it and using it in my home.  It can only add to the wonderful feeling I have whenever I use one of your products.  Thank you for being such a wonderful and consciencious company who truly believes and delivers quality and customer satisfaction.  You are truly a thrill to me and the people I have bought things for.  Keep up the great work!!  I truly do appreciate and recognize the extra steps you take  to please your customers.

Thank you so very much, 

From a thrilled and joyous loyal customer.

D.A., Merrimack, NH


I got your Asta Mangala pendant and it is fantastic and I get wonderful comments on it and how much people love it. I enjoy wearing it and it makes me feel good. Quality piece of workmanship and I loved that it came with a good sized and sturdy bail on it so it fit my chain I wear it on beautifully. Wonderful item that I will wear and treasure for many years. Keep up the great work. I love doing business with a company that is centered on good quality products and happy customers. Pleasure doing business with you and I intend to do much more business in the future.

From a very happy customer.

D.A., Merrimack, NH


Thank you for your prompt and courteous service. I appreciate you combining my orders, I've been very pleased with all of my purchases. You have an excellent selection of merchandise.

Thanks again,

M.D., Pittsburgh, PA


I just recently received my order in the mail and I just have to comment on my package.  It was unusual to see an order with a hand written label and a card inside signed from the company.  If you found out a way to make the card look personalized, then I praise you for that....but made me feel like my business made a difference and being a business owner that is an asset!!  I loved your oils that I ordered and from now on I will order from you.  I need incence, candles, oils and I don't need to spend a fortune for them.........Airs policy is that you order at least $30 before you can even order from their website..    Please......I have headaches really bad and the Lavender oil is the only thing that helps......
Thank you for your service!!!!

R. H., Nashville, TN

I lived all my life in the Pasadena/Monrovia area and love that you are just down the road from there!  I moved to MD in 2000, but I have 2 rings I have previously ordered from your company, and wear them EVERY DAY! (the peace ring and the single knot celtic ring).  Thank you so much for providing an awesome e-store.  May you have continued success! :-)

D. C., California, MD


Finally a place to get all the things I've been looking for and can't find in local shops!

E. F., Las Cruces, N.M.

Just received my items - very nice!  Thanks for your great service.  I am glad I
discovered your website, and will definitely be a repeat customer!

Thanks again and keep up the great customer service.

D. S-C., Crescent City, CA

I received my order, and just wanted to say thank you.  It was a nice surprise
to see a thank you card enclosed with the order.  I will definitely refer your
company to friends/family when they're in need of any of your products!

Thanks again,

S.S., Kansas City, MO


I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed and pleased with the speed of my delivery as well as the quality of what I ordered. I also appreciated the card from you wishing me a Merry Christmas. This is a rough time of year to get items delivered on time but you met that challenge above and beyond. I will recommend your company to other's as well as will I myself be purchasing from you in the future. The little things like the card really speak volumes to me about a company.

Thanks again and keep up the great customer service.

L.M., Newtown, PA

I received the order today, and I am very delighted with the Lindesfarne Cross Pendant. It is absolutely stunning. I have looked on many online sites for a Celtic Cross Pendant, but your selection is by far the best and most reasonable priced. I also appreciated a handwritten note wishing me Happy Holidays, that is very rare these days. Thank you and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

A Happy customer

K. L., Thomasville, NC

WOW!  I just found you and never want to let you go!!

~K.F., Ravenna, OH

Oh My God!  Thank you so much for the cup.  I ordered the Gregorian Goblet which I just received.  I stared at it bug-eyed and speechless.  It was worth the wait.  I'll be sure to send others to your site.

~D.C., Fillmore, CA


Your store has many beautiful things.  I am proud to have ordered from you again.
Please bring back more angel treasure candles. :)

~K.C., Kirkland, WA



I just wanted to let you folks know that I just received my first order today and was extremely impressed with the quality of items.  I got the terra cotta, medium-sized manifestation statue with a "believe" stone.  Absolutely beautiful. 

Do you folks have a catalog by any chance?  I would love to show many of our friends/co-workers, etc your products.  I will however, direct them to your website (those who do have internet access) but if you have a catalog, that would be most helpful.

I will definitely recommend your products and will order again soon.

Thanks again.


~J. A., Brattleboro, VT


Thanks for introducing me to Egyptian Goddess...I love it...and your company!
Thank you, and blessings!

--L.N., Rochester, VT


Thank you for providing such GREAT PERSONAL/CUSTOMER SERVICE!
I am so pleased with you.  I appreciate it very much!  Thank you for caring
so much!  :)


--D.G., Casper, WY


Hello, I received my cross, today. To be honest, I wasn't sure that I was going
to like it. And, for the price, I wasn't expecting much. When I opened it I was astonished at how beautiful it is.
The pic on the website does not do it justice.   This is the second thing I have ordered from you and I am very
impressed with the quality of your products.  Thanks so much! 


--P.S., Ashburnham, MA

Another order from your #1 fan customer, thanks so much!

--B.R., Lexington, KY


Thank you so much for your prompt response! My order was waiting for me when I arrived home yesterday. The pendant could not be any more beautiful… I will definitely order from you again in the future. Thanks again.

--M.G., Princess Anne, MD


Hi Ann! You will never believe this! My Rune Ring got here to Palms, California in less than 24 hours!  My husband and I can not figure it out!  I ordered it at about 4:00 in the morning, on  Wednesday( the 5th,), it got here in Thursdays  (the 6th) mail !!!!!!!!!!!!  I know it is a Magical Ring, and I wanted it sooo bad, but how on Earth did it get here that fast?  And, it is so much more beautiful than I thought it would be!  I thought it was just a SS band with the Runes etched into it, I didn't know each Rune was on a raised "platform". I am so pleased with it, I absolutely love it!   It is now living on my left thumb, with my "Blessed Be" SS ring...they look like they have been there forever! I am an Artist and Card Reader on the Venice Beach Boardwalk on the weekends, and one of the decks I use is the Rune Cards, so this ring is very special to me.  Thousands of people are going to see this ring, I will let you know some of their comments!  Thank you so much for the Magical Service, and  for your website!    Blessed Be,  Flower

S.P., Palms, CA

Dear Ann, and everyone at Ventana,

I wanted to drop a line just to thank everyone there for such excellent service!
I really appreciate your inventory and prompt shipments.  It is always a true
pleasure doing business with you.

Thank you so much!
Your customer for life,

--L.N., Boynton Beach, FL


I would just like you to know how pleased I have been with your service.  I have ordered a number of items and have experienced each time prompt, polite, and personal service, and I wanted you to know that it is very much appreciated.

--A.S., Levittown, NY

I thank you for a wonderful experience.  I enjoyed your website, it was easy
to navigate and I found many beautiful items.  I only bought a little perfume
oil, but the courteous e-mails, and impossibly fast shipping, combined with a
lovely handwritten note, turned what is usually routine and standard, into
something that felt personal and warm.  And yes - I love the fragrance.  As
my budget and needs allow, I will be back again and again.  Yours is a lovely
place to visit.

Thank you and peace to you-

--J.C., Rochester, NY


I appreciate the prompt response and wonderful customer service.  By trade,
I am a purchasing associate, so I know the importance of a good vendor.

Thanks again,

--K.R., Sherman Oaks, CA


I received the rings today, sooner than I expected mind you, and they are
beautiful.  Next to my other Celtic knot ring, yours puts it to shame!
The quality of these rings for the price is amazing.  Thanks for the
great service and we will definitely use your services again in the

--C.K., W. Des Moines, IA

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