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Navaratna Collection

Vedic astrology is the ancient universal science of light called "jyotish" in Sanskrit, the original language
of India.  By recording the position and influence of the planets at the time of birth, Vedic astrology
helps determine one's karma from past lives and the fulfillment of one's potential in this lifetime.

Planetary Gemstones has designed a Navaratna pendant necklace with the nine astrological gemstones
to help the wearer benefit from the powerful energies emitted from each of the nine planets in the Indian
astrological system.  Navaratna (from the sanskrit nava meaning "nine" and ratna which means"gem")
refers specifically to the synergistic combination of these nine gemstones.  When worn together
they help deliver the benefits of all the nine planetary gemstones simultaneously, acting as
a protective talisman offering the benefits of health, happiness and prosperity.

Planetary Gemstones Jewelry is beautifully hand set in Sterling Silver,
or 14K Gold, with nine semi-precious gemstones:

Red Garnet, Zircon, Pearl, Carnelian, Hessonite, Amethyst,
Tourmaline Cat's Eye, Citrine, and Peridot.




Navaratna Pendant &
Book Gift Set
Sterling Silver

A stunning Navaratna Pendant, with nine flawless
gemstones with beneficial astrological influences,
is set in Sterling Silver, on an 18" Italian Sterling
Silver Snake Chain.  The Navaratna Pendant is
beautifully packaged in gift set, which includes a
full color 64-page book that explains the benefits
and history of astrological gemstones and jewelry.

1" H x 1" W

The decorative gift box is 4.25"H x 3.5"L x 1.5"W
and securely holds both the pendant and book.


Click here to read about the
Author - Drew Lawrence

How Do Astrological Gems Work?

Navaratna - King of Astrological Jewelry

Planetary and Gemstone Influences

Historical Uses of Astrological Jewelry






Navaratna Ring
Sterling Silver

7/8"H x 7/8"W

Available in whole sizes 5 through 9.





Cluster Navaratna Pendant
Sterling Silver

An 18" Sterling Silver Snake Chain is included.

5/8" H x 1/2" W








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