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Pendant Gallery

Welcome to our Pendant Gallery featuring beautiful pendants with spiritual meaning.
Please browse below or visit our
Store Directory for our complete selection
of gifts that illuminate the mind, heal the body and touch the spirit...

Pendants I
A collection of beautiful
and inspiring pendants!
Pendants II
our Gratitude,
Journey & Joy
Pendants III
The Dove of Peace
and more visionary
Pendants IV
Pure Heart of the Lotus
offering prayers of devotion, compassion and peace.

Pendants V
The Salaam Shalom Peace Pendant
in Arabic, Hebrew and English--a song, a message, a movement
for peace.


Pendants VI
Featuring the Lotus
Blossom, Spiral
Dance & Tao
Pendants VII
Eve's Heart Pendant can be worn in three different ways to create three meaningful symbols.
Soulmate Collection
Tender and evocative, they express the loving bond of romance
and family.

Blue Moon
The Moon's eternal sojourn is a testament to the
cycle of renewal and transformation.


Evolution Collection
Timeless designs based on universal patterns and sacred geometry.
Navaratna Collection
For millennia, mystics have worn the ancient 9 gemstones known
as Navaratna.
Inner Voice Jewelry
Featuring the Swirling
Lotus Pendant &
Engraved Peace Ring.


Rainforest Jewelry- Ventana Window of Heaven Catalog

Chinese Symbol Pendants
Kanji, or "Chinese Characters," with each symbol representing
an entire word.


Symbol Pendants
Symbolic pendants

with semi-precious
Lotus Collection
Featuring the Abalone Lotus and Lotus Stem Pendants.
Rainforest Collection
Beautiful Tagua jewelry
from the Rainforests
of South America.


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