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The Now Clock



"The Now Clock is sensational! It records meta time in our house. It is a great tool to keep you present."
Ram Dass, Best Selling Author -- Be Here Now

"Every time I look at the clock my mind is drawn into the Now and it is a very special clock!"
John Friend, Founder of Anusara Yoga

"Everyone who visits our home asks about our NOW Clock. It's a natural conversation starter!"
Lindsay, Colorado

"Thanks - mine works great - it is on the wall in my waiting room - I have a family psychiatry practice - and I gave one to a friend - a retired psychologist and local meditation teacher who is thrilled with it. And thanks for your prompt courteous response - great service before and after!"
David, Happy customer from Iowa

"As a businessman consulting to Venture Capitalists and high tech start ups it is imperative for me to stay focused and responsive to my clients. I find the NowClock to be an effective and gentle reminder to be in the present moment. Thank you for developing this wonderful and attractive tool."
Gene Masciocchi, President, GRI Partners

"I was sitting at the kitchen table eating my breakfast, feeling like the morning was too quickly speeding on and I was bound to get a late start on my work for the day. With a sense of anxious anticipation, I looked up at the clock to see what the damage was: just how many precious minutes had passed since the last time I checked? I saw it was a little past nine, but then I noticed something else: it was NOW. The clock said NOW and somehow, even though I had seen the face of the NowClock many, many times before, this time it actually functioned to shift my consciousness. I was reminded of the infinite okay-ness of existence, and I relaxed into peace. It was just the shift I needed to meet the tasks of my day with a light heart. Thank you!"
Adam, Musician from Colorado

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