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Museum Jewelry

Welcome to our Museum Jewelry Gallery featuring authorized
reproductions from museum collections throughout the world.
Please browse below or visit our Store Directory for our
complete selection of gifts of the heart and spirit...

Museum I
Featuring the beautiful Kanji Love & Peace Symbol Pendants and Kanji Peace Bead Earrings.
Museum II
From the divine
Pre-Dynastic Pendant
to the ancient Egyptian Cartouche, "I Love You" Pendant.
Museum III
Runes provide a mirror for the magic of self-knowledge, wisdom, guidance
and intuition.
Museum IV
Capturing the formal symmetry and simple elegance of classical
Greek and Roman art.

Museum V
Reminiscent of the colorful glass beads, brought to Africa, from Europe, from the late
14th to early 20th century.
Museum Cross Pendants
The Anchors of Faith Cross Pendant contains symbols
of the Passion, as well
as prayers inscribed
on the reverse.
Buddhist Collection IV
Reminding us to live consciously and create
a life of harmony,
health and spiritual awakening.


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