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Museum Cross Pendants

Our Museum Collection is offered by the leading source for authorized reproductions,
created under license, from museums throughout the world.  Working with leaders
in the museum community, they endeavor to bring the timeless designs and rich
histories that are carefully preserved in our museums back into our communities.

Care is taken to faithfully reproduce original materials, including all semi-precious
stones.  Museum Collection jewelry is offered in Sterling Silver, 22K Gold Plate
or Vermeil (heavy 22K Gold Plate over Sterling Silver).






Anchors of Faith
Cross Pendant
Sterling Silver
This Russian Orthodox baptismal cross is one example
from the Library's Oleg Ivanovich Pantuhoff (1882-1973)
collection of several hundred crosses, art objects, books,
graphics and icons.  Cast directly from an 18th century
original to achieve exacting detail, it contains symbols
of the Passion, as well as prayers inscribed on the

18th Century.  From the collection of
The New York Public Library.

Sterling Silver

2 1/4" H x 1 3/4" W

A 36" Black Satin Cord is included.






Jeweled Cross Pendant
This cross, set with semi-precious stones, is based
on a design by Jane Carson and Frances Barnum.
Meticulous craftsmanship and the inspiration of
nature characterize its Arts and Crafts style. The
original sterling silver cross is decorated with
amethyst and pearl cabochons, and enamel.
It is suspended from a necklace of silver links
and amethyst beads.

Ca. 1905.  From the collection of the
Cleveland Museum of Art.

22K Gold plated pewter with Garnets and Black Onyx.

A 32" Black Satin Cord is included.

2 1/2"H x 1 3/4" W







Trinity Church Alter
Cross Pendant
This design is based on the cross suspended over
the altar at Trinity Church.  The cross was designed
by Irving and Casson in 1938.  Regarded as one of
the greatest triumphs of American architecture,
Trinity's current building was designed by H.H.
Richardson in 1877, and is home to an active
parish that continues to strive to meet the needs
of the City of Boston.

American, 1938.  From the Trinity Church,
Boston, Massachusetts.


An 18" Gold Plated Chain is included.

1.5" L x 1" W







Crusader Cross Pendant
This pendant is a reproduction of a 19th Century cross 
derived from crosses worn by soldiers in the Crusades 
of the 11th to 13th centuries.  The Crusades were a series 
of religious wars fought by the Christian nations of Europe 
to recover the Holy Lands from the Moslems.  The seventh 
and last crusade ended when Prince Edward of England 
successfully concluded a truce with the Moslems.  

The Art Institute of Chicago

22K Gold Plated Pewter

A 32" Black Satin Cord is included.

2.5" H x 1 3/4" W






Dali Hypercube Pendant
Dali's Hypercube Cross Pendant beautifully
represents his synthesis of faith and science.
When rotated, a three-dimensional, cube-
shaped cross appears!

22K Gold Plate

17" Gold Plate Chain included 

1/2" L x 3/8" W x 3/8" D.

Pendant   $24.95  






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