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Museum Collection IV

Our Museum Collection is offered by the leading source for authorized reproductions,
created under license, from museums throughout the world.  Working with leaders
in the museum community, they endeavor to bring the timeless designs and rich
histories that are carefully preserved in our museums back into our communities.

Care is taken to faithfully reproduce original materials, including all semi-precious
stones.  Museum Collection jewelry is offered in Sterling Silver, 22K Gold Plate or
Vermeil (heavy 22K Gold Plate over Sterling Silver).  Our earrings are hypo-allergenic.




  Classical Meander Necklace
& Bracelet
The formal symmetry and simple elegance
of classical Greek and Roman art are beautifully
captured in these timeless jewelry pieces. 

The Classical Meander Necklace is 16.5" L . 
The Classical Meander Bracelet is 2 5/8" L.


Necklace   $74.95  
Bracelet   $44.95  






Cupid and Psyche Brooch
The height of romance, this intricate brooch depicts
the heavenly marriage of the mythical lovers Cupid (love)
and Psyche (soul). Crafted in beautiful Gold Vermeil, this
classic brooch is a faithful reproduction of an original from
the famous Dingeldein Collection.

Vermeil (22K Gold over Sterling Silver)

1 7/8"W x  1 1/2"H





Aphrodite Scene Brooch
This brooch is inspired by the decorative motif on
a perfume bottle made made in Athens in the third
century B.C.  This scene represents Aphrodite,
goddess of love, fertility and beauty, seated in a
garden surrounded by Eros and the personification
of 'Good Order' and 'Persuasion.'

Vermeil (22K Gold over Sterling Silver)

1.75W" x 1.5H"





St John's Angel Gabriel Brooch
Let this inspiring brooch be your angelic call to rejoice! 
A dazzling portrayal of St. Gabriel as the Angel of the
Resurrection by the artist Gutzon Borglum, the original 
bronze statue stands on the roof of the Cathedral Church 
of Saint John the Divine in New York City. Crafted from 
classic gold vermeil, the Angel Gabriel brooch is a
treasure you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Vermeil (22K Gold over Sterling Silver)

2.5" H x 1.75" W






Fleur-De-Lys Brooch
Early sailors used the sun, the stars and the
directions of regular winds to guide them.  The
eight major winds became points on the "wind
rose" used by classical mariners.  After the
introduction of the magnetic compass, pictures of
wind roses were mounted on compass needles, thus
creating the "compass rose."  The north point was
represented by an arrow and the letter T for Tramontana,
the north wind.  In the 15th century, these two symbols
were merged into the "fleur-de-lys."

Gold Plated

1 1/2"H x  1 1/8"W




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