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Mongolian Bells

  The Camel is known as "The Ship of the Desert."  It is almost an exclusive
means of transportation across the deserts of eastern countries like India. 
Unlike other animals, a Camel can continuously travel for days without drinking
a drop of water.  The sweet melodious sounds of twinkling bells around their neck
help the Camel keep pace while the caravan continues the long journey through
the burning hot desert.  Our Mongolian Tin Bells adapt the sweet sounds of the
same "Camel Bells" into a more decorative item.  Each Mongolian Tin Bell is
intricately hand-crafted in a small village in Northern India.







   Mongolian Bells
Our classic Mongolian Bells are available in
two sizes, Small, 3.5"H and Large, 5.5"H. 
The Large Mongolian Bell features a metal
hammer and the Small Mongolian Bell has
a hand-hewn wooden hammer. 

Small.....3.5" H
Large.....5.5" H

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   Mongolian Dome Bells
Sweetly melodic and echoing, these Mongolian Dome
Bells have hand-hewn wooden hammers and natural jute
hangers.  They are available in three sizes:

Small.....5" H x 2.25" Diameter Bell w/ 9"L Jute Hanger
Medium.....6.5"H x 2.75" Diameter Bell w/ 9"L Jute Hanger
Large.....7.5"H x 3.25" Diameter Bell w/ 9"L Jute Hanger

Please note that the Small Mongolian Dome Bell
also includes a natural jute hanger (not shown).


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   Three Kings Mongolian Bells
These truly giant bells, with hand-hewn wooden hammers,
resonate with a beautifully sweet, deep, melodious tone. 
They feature ornate, generously padded, cloth hangers
that are embellished with colorful stitching and decorative
mirrors, shells and beads.  They are available in two sizes: 

Small.....8"H x 3.5" Diameter Bell, plus 8"L x 2.25"W x
              2"D Cloth Hanger.
Large.....9.5"H x 4.25" Diameter Bell, plus 9.75"L x
              2.5"W x 2.25"D Cloth Hanger).

(Dimensions do not include the strap between the bell and
hanger and the wooden hammer extending below the bell).


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