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Everyone's Mandala Coloring Books

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning center and circle. It conveys the
notion that any center is tied to its circumference and any circumference
is always determined by its center. Together they represent wholeness.

Examples of mandalas abound in nature. Every cell in our body, for instance,
is a living mandala. So is the iris of our eye, a snow crystal, a bird's nest,
a bicycle wheel, and Planet Earth herself.

Mandalas have been known to all cultures throughout history. Individual designs vary
greatly but they always have the following characteristics: a center, cardinal points
that can be contained in a circle, and usually some form of symmetry. They can be
very simple or extremely complex as in ancient Tibetan religious designs, Navajo
sand paintings, and huge stained glass windows in medieval cathedrals.

Traditionally, mandalas have been used by spiritual leaders, shamans, and healers
as a source of wisdom, a form of meditation, and to reflect the dynamic unity of
the universe.  Coloring these timeless images can 'help us become more
focused when we feel scattered and more peaceful when we are struggling
with personal issues.'  They can awaken the playful child in each of us,
and aid us in bringing to the surface 'messages from the unconscious,
like bubbles that have been trapped at the bottom of the lake and
are finally released.'

Everyone's Mandala Coloring Books I, II & III feature 22 original 8" x 8"mandalas,
beautifully drawn by Monique Mandali.  Used at home, in classrooms, hospitals,
retreats and healing centers, they are soothing to body, mind and spirit.

They're inspiring, heart-warming and fun for anyone ages 4-104!





Everyone's Mandala
Coloring Book I
Monique Mandali's first mandala coloring book features 22 designs that were spontaneously drawn during 10 days in
the middle of a Montana winter. Published
in its first incarnation in 1978 and currently
in its 11th printing makes it the grandmother
of all mandala coloring books still in print.





Everyone's Mandala
Coloring Book II
In this second volume, Monique Mandali offers twenty-two new mandala designs.
Responding to the popularity of her first
book she suggests more creative ways
to use mandalas with children and adults
at home, in the classroom and when traveling or feeling introspective.






Everyone's Mandala
Coloring Book III
With this third volume, Monique Mandali
invites us to color twenty-two new mandalas and engage in this fun, creative, and relaxing activity.  The last mandala in this book is a reproduction of the Chartres labyrinth,
with a Lotus blossom in its center. Coloring this mandala from the outside to its center
is a pilgrimage all by itself!






Peace Mandala
Coloring Book
from Children
around the World
You're invited to color 25 lovely Peace Mandalas from children in Nepal, Chile, Argentina, China, Belgium, the Netherlands and United States. The children (ages 6-15) designed their Peace Mandalas specifically for her book to "help spread seeds of harmony for the next 1000 years."

Reading about these remarkable children's'
individual wishes for more peace on earth and seeing their color photos (on the
back cover) will melt your heart!





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