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Children's Gifts






Everyone's Mandala
Coloring Book I

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning center and
.  It conveys the notion that any center is
tied to its circumference and any circumference
is always determined by its center. Together
they represent wholeness. 

Everyone's Mandala Coloring Book I features
22 original 8" x 8"mandalas, beautifully drawn
by Monique Mandali.

Drawing mandalas is inspiring, heart-warming
and fun for anyone ages 4-104!

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Magnetic Poetry
for Kids
Early Reader

Attention:  This box contains the seeds for a lifetime
of knowledge; refrigerate immediately after opening
(by applying them to the refrigerator door)!

Developed with the help of parents, educators, and
children, the award-winning Kid's Kit plays an important
part in a child's development by igniting a love of language
and wordplay, qualities crucial for success in a lifetime
of reading, writing and general learning.

Magnetic Poetry for Kids contains over 350 magnetized
extra-fun words that stick to your fridge or any metal

These are some sample words ranging from very
simple to more challenging:
elephant, cloud, story, share, dog, remember,
quiet, magic, begin, top.





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