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Flower of Life Earrings

The Flower of Life is a sacred geometric pattern symbolizing the origins
of the universe. This curious design has been found inscribed in pyramids
and great cathedrals of the world. Used traditionally for meditation and the
study of geometric relationships between life and the nature of our universe,
these jewelry designs are a reminder that there is a purpose for our being.

All Flower of Life Collection Earrings are 3/4" D and are made
of the finest quality 0.925 Sterling Silver.   Flower of Life
Earrings can also be special ordered in 14K Gold. 
Please call for a 14K Gold price quote.




Tree of Life
With 10 Cabochons

The Tree of Life is a geometric symbol
that has been recently popularized by
the resurging interest in Kabbalah, the
study of Hebrew esoteric mysticism.
While the Tree of Life has ties to many
ancient cultures, it appeared...

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Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a geometric pattern
inscribed on many of the world's great
Pyramids, Temples and Cathedrals
dating back over 6000 years.  The more
religious among the ancient civilizations
meditated upon the shape of the...

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Aum Earrings
AUM (pronounced Ohm) is used 
worldwide by yoga practitioners as
a means of moving the mind into a
state of meditation.  Its transformative
power lies not in any belief system
but in its vibrational structure.

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Yin Yang Earrings
The Yin Yang developed from the I-Ching, the greatest foundation of Chinese Philosophy and representative of the natural phenomena of the universe andthe ebb and flow of life.  The Yin Yang symbol is the embodiment of darkness and light and the masculine and feminine aspects of nature.





Peace Earrings
This design was originally seen at a major anti-nuclear march in 1958 in Europe. Popularized in the 1960's as a response to the Vietnam War, this symbol is now recognized around the globe as supportive of World Peace and as a unifying sign for all anti-war movements.

It's resurrection today symbolizes one of the greatest traits of humanity, the spirit
of compassion for all living creatures.




  Labyrinth Earrings
The labyrinth is a means and method of
fostering spiritual balance as well as
psychological, emotional and physical
well-being.  Metaphorically speaking it 
is a  path that provides many twists and
turns, but  no dead ends, as we...

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