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Fairy Dust

When Fairy Magic enters your life, nothing is quite
the same.  Coincidences happen.  The unforeseen
takes place.  Miracles occur at an increasing pace. 
Fairies?  Of course!  All things are possible.

Fairy Dust inspires us to live our dreams and
believe in the magic of infinite possibility!





Fairy Dust
Pocket Magic Dust
Opalescent Fairy Dust in a genie
bottle with a brass wand is nestled
in a tiny pink organza bag. Beautiful,
whimsical, magical.

Perfect for birthday or wedding favors,
Easter, or holiday stocking stuffers.

Sold individually






Fairy Magic Dust
Lady Bottle
Our lovely 4-1/2" lady bottle shimmers
and glows with Fairy Magic Dust, a
fairy wand, and a magic message.

Sold individually




Fairy Magic Glitter
Gift Card
This lovely little card of enchanted
glitter tucks away easily in a purse,
or can be included in a greeting card.
Filled with non-toxic Fairy Magic Dust
inside and a whimsical message on
the back.

Sold individually




Lucky Dust Glitter
Now you can choose your luck
and shake it on, too! Packaged
with unique good luck charm in
a shaker bottle, this vibrant line
of colorful glitters will brighten
any day. Shaped for easy
handling, Lucky Dust fits in
even the smallest handbag.

Available in these four vibrant colors:

Fairy Magic Lucky Dust - The magical iridescent
opal glitter that made Fairy Dust famous.

Plum Crazy Lucky Dust -
A plum-perfect purple shine.

Red Hot Lucky Dust -
Sparkling red with flakes of gold.

Blue Mermaid Lucky Dust -
Iridescent blue with
shades of green, like the ocean.

Sold individually

We regret that Blue Mermaid and Fairy Magic
Lucky Dust are no longer available.




Fairy Dust is for external use only.  Not for children under 5.





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