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Evolution Jewelry

These timeless, gender-neutral designs are based on sacred geometry and other universally
symbolic patterns that represent continual growth and celebrate all of life. 
Evolution Jewelry
is a powerful tool for change. It helps you evolve in style by bringing you designs that
support you through life's challenges and inspire your transformation.

Our high-touch designs encourage you to:
     * Rediscover hopes and dreams
     * Create optimum life patterns
     * Blend inner wisdom with balanced action

The master craftsmanship and enduring quality of our energetically profound designs make
our Evolution Jewelry an investment in a lifetime of personal development and evolution.

All Evolution Collection Jewelry is made of the
finest quality 0.925 Sterling Silver.





Genesa Globe Pendant

Genesa Charm = Protection & Balance

(Protection and balance during life changes)
Wear for balance and protection when you
are moving through the chaotic times of

The Genesa Globe inspires the courage needed
to progress through the challenges of change.
Our design is intended to inspire calmness
during times of stress.

The Genesa pattern helps instill a sense of
balance and stability when moving through
the chaotic energy of change and transformation.

Dr. Derald Langham, a plant geneticist who
coined the term "Genesa," found this simple,
elegant pattern at the core of all carbon-
based life forms.  It symbolizes a growth
pattern through which all life flows.  In
other words, it is a visible pattern to
everything we think, sense and

5/8" D

Sterling Silver

We regret that this item is currently




Harmony Ring

Harmony Ring = Harmony

(Create three-part harmony in heart,
mind, and soul.)
Wear to enhance the ways you bring
harmony into the world.

A world where your instincts, talents and
the needs of the world point you to your
true purpose and vocation.

The places where you can create the spirit
of cooperation, sharing and deep joyous
reverence for life.

A reality where your heart, mind, and
soul move in harmony.

Though interconnected, the individual bands are designed to roll and move independently and easily on the finger.

Each band has one recessed word repeated twice.
The words on the three bands are "INTENTION,"

Each band is 4mm wide and is available in
sizes 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Sterling Silver

We regret that this item is currently






Evolution Charm Pendant

Evolution Charm = Journey

To thoughts, people and places that
uplift you.  Choose qualities you want
reflected in your reality.

The things that ignite your passion and
bring you a sense of inner peace.

Work resonates as play when your inner
passion is revealed.

The subtle pyramid patterns visible
from all angles on this charm beckon
you to begin the quest toward personal
transformation.  At the charm's center,
the labyrinth-like "e" symbolizes your
personal, spiritual journey to evolve.
Labyrinths, like life, have many twists
and turns, but no dead ends--there
are always options and choices.

1 1/8" H x 3/4" W x 3/16" D

Sterling Silver






Mobius Charm Pendant

Mobius Charm = Metamorphosis


Move and flow in rhythm with the
constantly changing cycles of life.

Transform your challenges into useful
stepping stones for the next phase of life.

Recalibrate your paradigms to align with
the earth and universal shifts presently

The Mobius Charm instills a sense of security
and wholeness when your changing world
challenges you.  The Mobius Charm enhances
your receptivity to universal rhythm, timing
and wisdom helping synchronize you with
the constantly changing flow of life.  This
form thus supports natural, miraculous
transformations akin to the metamorphosis
of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

1 1/4" H x 3/4" W x 3/16" D

Sterling Silver





Inner Light Charm

Inner Light Charm
= Breakthroughs

Create Breakthroughs
Break through blocks of fear that prevent
your inner light from shining.

Lighten up
Strengthen, amplify and concentrate
your inner light to feel lighter physically,
mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Create Light
Connect your inner light to the metaphysical
principle of "universal light," the divine spark
in all creation.

Wear the Inner Light Charm to create
breakthroughs when you feel stuck,
blocked or detached from the joys
of life.  The Citrine gem releases
ripples of unrestrained joy and
exuberance that hide within you,
melting and releasing blocks of
fears and brightening even the
darkest corners of your reality.

1 1/4" H x 5/8" W x 1/4" D

Sterling Silver & Citrine





Tune Up Charm

Tune Up Charm
= Timing

Tune-in to your natural rhythm and fine-
tune your ability to create synchronous

Link- up
Link-up your energetic body to a higher

Enhance your ability to respond with
aligned clarity and in perfect timing.

Timing is everything because timing
links everything.  The Tune Up Charm
acts like a tuning fork for your sense
of timing.  Its silent "tune" links your
energetic rhythm to aspects of universal
timing.  As your rhythm becomes more
"in-tune," your ability to explore and
make magical connections with others
having similar desires and timing is
amplified.  Doors previously closed
to you open at last.

1 3/4" H x 5/8" W x 1/4" D

Sterling Silver

We regret that this item is currently





Mustard Seed Globe

Mustard Seed Globe = Faith

Absolute, unwavering faith brings
absolute focus.

Absolute focus creates a strength
and alignment of like-energies.

Energetic alignment can cause powerful
shifts needed to open up new paths of
opportunities that previously seemed
beyond reach or impossible.

Taken from an ancient metaphor conveying
the power of personal faith, the mustard seed
symbolizes the alignment between faith and
focus.  It is said that having faith the size of
a mustard seed can move mountains.  It is
a known phenomenon that when a focused
center has nothing to hold it together, it
collapses.  This lack of focused faith is
experienced when one feels that something
is hopeless or pointless.  Thus, the single
band surrounding the suspended, seemingly
floating mustard seed serves to amplify and
hold one's faith and focus.  The clear globe
symbolizes the endless possibilities and
potential in creating your world.


Sterling Silver & Acrylic

We regret that this item is currently




All Evolution Collection Jewelry may also be custom-ordered in 14K & 18K
Gold (yellow and white) and Platinum.  Please call for price quote.




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