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We're pleased to send you a Gift Certificate from the Ventana-Window of Heaven Catalog!

To:  Mom
From:  Christine
Amount:  $25.00
Gift Message:  Happy Birthday!  Love, Christine
Gift Certificate #:   A1234567
Expiration Date:  1/1/05

To claim your Ventana Gift Certificate:
1.  Please visit us at
2.  Shop and select the gift items you'd like by adding them "To Cart."
3.  When done shopping, please enter your shipping information and select 
"Gift Certificate" as your payment method.  
4.  Provide your Gift Certificate #, your desired shipping method and click "Confirm Order."

We welcome you to Ventana and hope you'll find the perfect gift, 
thoughtfully given by the sender noted above!

* * * * * *

Please Note:

1.  Gift Certificates must be redeemed at Ventana-Window of Heaven Catalog.
2.  Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash.
3.  If your order exceeds the gift certificate amount, please call us toll-free at 1-888-220-2000 
to provide for payment of the remaining balance.
4.  Any unused balance will be placed in the recipient's Gift Certificate Account.
5.  Gift Certificate balances which remain unclaimed by the expiration date (one year from the 
date they are issued, or earliest date permitted under applicable law, whichever occurs later) 
will be placed in the recipient's Gift Certificate Account for a period of one year from the original 
date of expiration.  Thereafter, any unclaimed balances become property of Ventana-Window 
of Heaven Catalog.
6.  If you have any questions, please contact us at  We're pleased
 to provide any additional assistance with the selection of your gift!