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Alchemy of Abundance

Aligning with the Energy of Desire
to Manifest Your Highest Vision,
Power and Purpose



I see God

in all

His distressing


--Mother Teresa


     f e a t u r e d  g u e s t


Daniel Ladinsky
American poet and interpreter
of mystical poetry

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P r e s e n t i n g :
The Conceptual Art
of David Griffith

N o v e m b e r   2 0 1 5


Vibrational Sound Healing

Music attuned with frequencies for relaxation and healing from
Dr. Weil's music series



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The Subject Tonight is Love

60 Wild and Sweet Poems of Hafiz

Translations by Daniel Ladinsky

The true nature of your Beloved.
in His loving eyes your every thought,
Word and movement is always --
Always Beautiful.




Not with Wings

Here soar
Not with wings,

But with your moving hands and feet
And sweating brows --

Standing by your Beloved's side
Reaching out to comfort this world

With your cup of solace
Drawn from your vast reservoir of Truth.

Here soar
Not with your eyes and senses

That turn their backs
On the earth's sweet stumbling dance
Which needs you.

Here love, O here love,
With your mouth tender and open upon your lover,

And with your heart on duty
To the souls of rivers, children, forest animals,
All the shy feathered ones and laughing, jumping,
Shining fish.

O here, pilgrim,
On this holy battleground of Life

Where there are bleeding men
Who are calling for a sacred drink,




A gentle word or touch from man
Or God.

Hafiz, why just serve and play with angels?
They are already content.

Brew your knowledge well for men
With aching minds and guts,

And for those wayfarers who have gained
The rare, courageous thirsts
That can never be relinquished
Until Union!

Leave your recipes in golden drums.

Tie those barrels to the backs of camels
Who will keep circumambulating the worlds,

Giving nourishment
To all our tender wondrous spheres.

O here love, O love right here.
Find your happiness, dear wayfarer,

With your beautiful lips and body
So sweetly opened,

Yielding their vital gifts upon
This magnificent


Venus Just Asked Me

For just one minute out of the day,

It may be of value to torture yourself
With thoughts like,

"I should be doing
A hell of a lot more with my life than I am --
Cause I'm so damn talented."

But remember,
For just one minute out of the day.

With all the rest of  your time,
It would be best
To try
Looking upon your self more as God does.

For He knows
Your true royal nature.

God is never confused
And can see Only Himself in you.

My dear,
Venus just leaned down and asked me
To tell you a secret, to confess

She's just a mirror who has been stealing
Your light and music for centuries.

She knows as does Hafiz,
You are the sole heir to
The King.