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The Now Clock

Benefits of Now

The primary benefits of the Now are actually a series of physiological events, which build upon each other. Decades of scientific research with meditators has repeatedly shown, that the cumulative benefits, which naturally occur and build upon each other, lead to greater health, happiness and success.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is one of the first in a series of states that is experienced after the initial stillness emerges. Simply remembering to be present, to be in the Now, automatically turns the mind in the direction of stillness and a quieter mind.

Peace of mind naturally arises because when our attention is in the Now we are not worrying about what might happen in the future, or what regrets or disappointments we experienced in the past. We are free to experience what is occurring Now.

Worry and Stress Free

As the mind approaches a state referred to as, "least excitation," the mind is no longer influenced by the obsessive mental state, from which worry and stress is generated. Instead, the mind is naturally in the Now. As the mind deepens in its state of greater harmony, worry and stress cannot survive, which is the ideal environment for a fulfilling life.

Many studies have shown that the less stress one has in one's life, the healthier and happy a person becomes. Staying in the Now allows one not to worry and stress out about one's circumstances. Life will always have its challenges, but constant worry about what may or may not happen does not bring the peace and clarity one desires.

Living a less stressful life naturally leads to more contentment and fulfillment. Happier relationships, more productivity at work, healthier bodies, and more joy and laughter are but a few of these benefits.

Clarity of Thought

As one's inner peace deepens, almost simultaneously, one experiences a very palpable clarity of thought, and a lighter and freer state emerges. This clarity of thought is uncluttered by millions of random and useless worries and concerns. Instead, the thoughts that arise through the cultivation of this state of Now are
aligned with the qualities, which support our health and happiness.

Clarity of thought can be defined as having clear and present mindfulness focused
on and around the activity in which one is engaged. Whether one is reading a book, studying a course, or active at our place of business, one will always benefit more from being fully engaged in the Now.

Healthier Lives

These cumulative benefits from choosing to be in the Now pay big dividends in the form of a healthier and happier life. In fact, not only can we cultivate this state in meditation or in doing yoga, but we can also cultivate the same qualities in our daily activity, which is why we designed the Now Clock in the first place.

Greater Success

The simple reminder to be in the Now carries the seed of many great benefits. Greater success in all aspects of our lives, which include our work, our relationships, and our ability to contribute to making a better world, are a few of the wonderful life-sustaining benefits of the Now.

Staying in the Now can change a one's life for the better. The Now Clock helps to remind one that this simple, but powerful technique brings many benefits.

Beneficial Invitation

We invite you to experience the Now Clock for yourself. Tells about your experiences. We'd love to hear from you!

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