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Angel Touch Pendants

Angel Touch Pendants are heart-felt gifts for friends and loved ones or a blessing
even for yourself.  These inspirational pendants are perfect for a host of occasions
such as: birthdays, confirmations, weddings, graduations, Mother/Fathers Day, 
Valentines Day, Christmas and especially inspiring for those in recovery of any
kind.  People of all ages will appreciate their very own angel to have
and wear throughout the years.

Each angel is approximately 1 1/8" inches in height and is silver
plated with a non-tarnish coating.  An 18" silver plated, non-
tarnish, chain and an inspirational message card is included.




Angel of Love
This "Angel of Love" is a reminder
that unconditional love starts in the
heart and not the intellect.

Unconditional love begins with self-
acceptance.  We must learn to
separate our worthiness from our
unwanted behavior and guilt.  Self
love and acceptance opens our
hearts to others through patience,
kindness, tolerance and forgiveness.

Love nourishes our soul, restores
relationships and connects us to our
spiritual power as children of God.

Daily Affirmation
God's love and light
shine in my heart




Angel of Healing
This "Angel of Healing" is a reminder
that prayer and meditation connect us
to the healing power of God.

Prayer is our heartfelt conversation
with the divine.  It is our private time
of pouring out our wishes and concerns
and trusting God to heal our minds,
emotions and bodies.

In the silence of meditation, we listen
and feel that surrounding presence of
God.  Healing takes place as we
harmonize with the divine light and
energy of God.

Daily Affirmation
By the divine power of God,
I am healed.



Angel of Joy
This "Angel of Joy" is a reminder
that joy is a way of embracing all
of God's gifts.

The world is full of abundance.  When
we feel gratitude and appreciation, and
see spirit in all things, we have instant
access to universal abundance.

In times of joy, our strength is more
vital, our intellect is heightened, our
minds are cleared, and we can live
life to our fullest potential.  Joy brings
us into harmony with God and our

Daily Affirmation
I am radiant with the joy and gift of life.
Thank you God!




Angel of Comfort
This "Angel of Comfort" is a reminder
that God sustains us through fear,
grief and difficult situations.

When we consciously connect to
divine spirit every doubt is erased,
the darkness is lifted, and we find
renewed strength and grace to
continue.  We need only remember
to ask and open ourselves to the
full measure of God's love.

Comfort comes from our willingness to
hear, feel and touch the transforming
power of God's healing light.

Daily Affirmation
Through faith and trust
God comforts me.


Angel of Gratitude
This "Angel of Gratitude" is a reminder
that as we give thanks we deepen our
relationship with God and feel the
blessings flowing back to us.

Each act of kindness, every prayer for
another and every appeal for help,
nurtures our oneness with spirit that
unites us all.

Gratitude and appreciation help us
recognize the beauty and joy in life,
which radiates love to others and
especially toward ourselves.

Daily Affirmation
As I give love,
I receive love.





Guardian Angel
Your "Guardian Angel" is a gift
from God, sent to help you feel
peace, joy and love.

Ask, and your angel will assist you.
Trust, and you will be guided to the
answers you need.  Have faith, and
know that you are always protected.
Be aware you are never alone, spirit
is with you always.

You are Loved!

Something Special

For An Angel Like You

(occasion - date)

The Guardian Angel holds
a crystal diamond.





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