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Angel Touches II

Angel Touches™ are heart-felt gifts for friends and loved ones or a 
blessing even for yourself.  These inspirational gifts are perfect for a host
of occasions such as: birthdays, confirmations, weddings, graduations, 
Mother/Fathers Day, Valentines Day, Christmas and especially inspiring for 
those in recovery of any kind.  People of all ages will appreciate their very own 
angel to have and hold throughout the years. Touch an angel to feel the beauty 
of art and experience the connection to God and the soul spirit.

Angel Touches™ are
hand-held art sculptures that nestle snugly in your hand
for spiritual comfort and inspiration  They are approximately 2 1/2" inches in
height and poured in a lead free pewter. Each angel is individually hand-polished 
and includes a draw string gift bag with an attached inspirational message card.
Each angel's inspirational message is shown below.

Gift Ideas


Angel of Peace
This "Angel of Peace" is a reminder
that true inner peace comes from
knowing our oneness with God.

It takes practice to calm our minds
and give our concerns and worries
over to divine wisdom.  When we let
go of negative thoughts, we allow the
peace of God to supply love, guidance
and direction in our lives.

Our faith in God's wisdom enables us
to experience peace and blessings
in all situations.

Daily Affirmation
Through faith in God's wisdom,
I am at peace.

This Angel is holding a Dove of
Peace.  Trust in God's Wisdom.
"Let Go and Let God"



  Angel of Guidance
This "Angel of Guidance" is a reminder
that God's direction and counsel is
with us always.

The answers to our questions are
found when we relax and slow down
to listen.  Spiritual listening takes
practice, patience and faith.  For
God's guidance varies from a soft
whisper or a strong voice, to a
persistent knowing within.

Divine guidance filters out doubt and
confusion and blesses us with wisdom
and confidence in our decisions.

Daily Affirmation
God's wisdom and guidance
is with me always.

This Angel has a star on the front and
it's wings flow back.  In all things
God's guidance is with us.





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