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Health & Relaxation Gifts

Our soothing comfort pillows and wraps are designed to assist and encourage us
all to relax, nurture and take care of ourselves. Our products offer therapeutic
support and nurturing heat to help relax your muscles and soothe your mind.
By consciously choosing to slow down and take time to care for ourselves
we begin to heal. In time, comfort gives way to profound rest and
relaxation, finally yielding to rejuvenation and renewal. When we
heal ourselves, we can do just about anything we can dream.



Healing Heart
Nurture Pillow

Our loving Healing Heart Nurture Pillow provides nurturing warm therapy for your loved ones... including yourself!  Heat in the
microwave and place on your tummy, back, chest or any
other area in need of a warm loving heart.  Our Heart Pillow
is a great "holiday" gift, as well as a great "anytime" gift for
someone special.  The unique aromatherapy fill includes
rice and the plant herbs Cinnamon to calm, Clove to
comfort, and Eucalyptus to revitalize. 

The Heart Pillow may be microwaved for heat therapy
or placed in the freezer for cold therapy.  Removable
and washable cover.

12" x 11"

Plum Velvet





Eye Pillow
The weight of our flax seed fill provides a soothing gentle
pressure to tired eyes.  Our aromatherapy blend, including
the plant herbs Lavender, Chamomile, Peppermint, and
Orange is designed to help calm, relax, relieve headaches
and open the sinuses.  Our beautiful Lavender Silk and Velvet
are breathable and cool, forming perfectly into the curves of
your eyes and face.  The zippered side makes your Eye Pillow
washable, refillable, and adjustable.  To wash, remove the fill
and place carefully aside.  Refill after the case is thoroughly
dry.  You can use your eye pillow while resting, napping,
meditating, or before going to bed to induce a calmness
that will help you drift off into a wonderful night's sleep.

The Eye Pillow may also be placed in a sealed plastic bag
in your freezer before using for enhanced pleasure. 

8.5" x 4"

Lavender Silk & Velvet





Radiant Shoulder Wrap
The Warm Embrace Radiant Shoulder Wrap is specially
contoured to embrace your neck and shoulder muscles
while applying gentle pressure to help soothe away tension...
at home or at work. Filled with grain and the Aromatherapeutic
herbs of Cinnamon to calm, Clove to comfort and Eucalyptus to revitalize.  The Radiant Shoulder Wrap is microwavable and may
also be frozen and used as a cold pack.  Removable and washable cover.  

11" x 12"

Lavender Velvet



Sleep Mask
Relax and unwind anytime with this extraordinary Sleep Mask. 
The adjustable elastic strap secures the mask, providing comfort while blocking out light.  The delightful fragrance of fresh Lavender flowers lulls you into a deep and restful sleep.  Spot clean only.

9" x 4"

Lavender Velvet





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